About Me And This Site

 About Me And This Site  

My Name is “Md Ali Ahsan Rana”. I am a Software Engineer. My home country is Bangladesh, however, currently I am studying ‘Masters in Software Engineering’ at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Besides career, Programming is my passion also. I have worked on various platforms like .NET, LAMP, Java and always like to keep in touch with any new technology. I have been engaged in both desktop and web application development, though web is my major area. I am always open to learn new language/technologies and pick the best for a specific problem domain.

About CodeSamplez.com:

CodeSamplez.com is a dedicated blog site about tutorials on programming and software development. This blog site has rich and informative contents to help programmers/developers(from beginners to professionals) and day by day continuously increasing its content more. This site doesn’t limit its discussions on a specific programming language domain, rather discussions on this site includes and will may include help topics from most of the programming/scripting languages(Like c/c++,java,c#,php, action script etc) and most of the development platform(web/desktop/mobile etc) when possible. If you are an expert/proficient software developer/programmer, you can also become a proud tutorial writer on this website. If you need more information about this site, or have some suggestion/feedback, please contact anytime.

This Blog Is Built With:

Domain and hosting: Godaddy.com : For domain purchasing, godaddy is must first choice. About hosting, I am using godaddy shared deluxe hosting package. I won’t say I am very much happy with hosting service, but its working till . However, I have plan to move to cloud server as soon as this site starts perform worse as it grow. You can help me giving your opinion about how you are experience this site. Any performance/design/layout related feedback are welcome, just fill the contact form and I will take your each comments seriously to improve this site’s experience to readers. On the other hand, the demo.codesamplez.com is hosted on digitalocean cloud server which I am currently evaluating.

Content Delivery Network: Amazon Cloudfront CDN : Its working very well for me, and seems cost-effective too for ‘pay as you go’ billing. Whether if you are just starting a new blog or have an established site, you will be happy with their service, I guess.

Blog engine script: wordpress.org: It’s a great tool as blog publishing platform, no doubt. I did moved here from blogger platform and experienced a significance improvements of my contents in search engine automatically. You can rely on it without any doubt.

Theme Engine: Genesis Framework: very nice and search engine friendly framework. Some themes are definitely awesome, but not all. They should continuously improve/release updates for all themes they make. The theme you see on this site, wasn’t supporting all features it was said/supposed to be. I had to made tweaks myself and still feeling a lot to be done.

Plug-ins used:

  • Jetpack by WordPress: An must to have plugin for wordpress sites. A hell lot of features/child plugins are provided by wordpress and all are better than other third-party plugins.
  • WordPress SEO:Complete search engine optimization solution + sitemap for wordpress sites. I moved here from all in one SEO and I am happy that I did so.
  • Syntaxhighlighter: A very useful plugin if you are writing a programming blog where code snippets are used very often. It add a new dimension in the code, easy/nice looking to readers and thus improves a site’s usability very much. I am expecting more updates from this plugin.
  • Related Posts Plugin: Just awesome related post plugin, did you see the related posts shown at the end of each page? All credits goes to this plugin. You can have it for free if you want :)
  • W3 Total Cache: Found no alternative yet. A must to have plugin for a wordpress site, for site loading performance/user experience improvements.
  • Like-FB by Me: Its my plugin to show single click like/google+ buttons on every posts/pages and show a pop-up like box after certain delay. If you have spent more than a minute on a page and first time visiting, you should already have seen one 😉

If you want to know anything else more specifically, you can contact me anytime you want. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you very much and keep in touch.