Write Tutorials On This Blog

 Write Tutorials On This Blog  

Liked this site? Have something interesting tips/tutorials to share which are related to this site’s content? Yes, you are very much welcome to do that. I will happily welcome you as one of the guest writers for this site. However, before you jump into writing something, I will recommend you to read all the sections below carefully and then submit your request. Best Of Luck!

Who can contribute here?

If you are already a professional programmer/ software application developer and you have good knowledge on some specific domain which can help other programmers/developers, you can use this site as a communication platform by which your thought, speech, tip/tricks, tutorials will reach to many other programmers/developers. As this site is totally dedicated to the topics related to programming, full stack software development, server management etc. No other types of contributions are welcome here.

Why you should contribute here?

You might be wondering or have questions in mind, why should you write here and what the benefit you are going to get here. Well, there are some benefits also:

  • Your tutorial will get a big exposure to targeted audience(who are software professionals,programmers like you). People will know about your ability level, and with help of this exposure, you can get better opportunity on your professional career. These will act as your future references as well.
  • You are giving back to the community. It’s the key rule for a community. As you are getting something useful from a community, it’s also your responsibly also to give something back to community so that others get benefited also. This is how a community grows.
  • I will put your short information beneath every article you give here(Fill up your profile details after registering and logged in to administration area). In this way, you will receive a valuable do follow back link to your personal site/blog. This will help your blog/site get good number of interested visitors and good page rank also.

Guidelines to write a tutorial here:

  • You will have to offer original unique article(must not already published on other websites) that is helpful to other programmers/developers in some ways. I won’t tolerate any kind of spam. Your will be permanently banned if such activities are observed.
  • Please upload an 250 x 250 image(or select correct resizing option after upload) as featured image for each of your article that is related to your articles theme in some way. You are welcome to browse this site’s current posts to see how the featured images are in use.
  • Put necessary code examples, screen shot images, links to other related useful sites etc with as much descriptions as you can.
  • Your article need to be no less than 450 words. Please express as much information as you can.
  • If you have developed some software products/services/extensions/libraries, you can write articles with details information/uses of that product/services for promotional purposes also. But, please avoid using promotional slang or sentences, rather try to make people better understand about what you are promoting. If that really helpful, people will grab that for sure, whether its free or paid. Along with guidance to use your products/services/libraries/extensions.

Your submitted articles will be reviewed by the site admin before being published to the public visitors.

Fill Out The Following Form:

Please give your article idea in brief here. If it attracts interest, you will be given a new account details to you so that you can write full article in WordPress editor yourself.