A Complete List Of LinQ Tutorials As Series

 A Complete List Of LinQ Tutorials As Series  

So far, in different time, I have written some LinQ tutorials time to time explaining different aspects of this Microsoft invented ORM technology. Later, I came to realize that, it would be very helpful to my dear readers if all the tutorials can be organized in a structured and ordered way. Which may results that a beginner level programmer can start and follow these sequentially, one by one, which will may make the learning even more efficient and fruitful. Thus, in this page, I have tried to achieve exactly that purpose. Here, You will find all tutorials listing by codesamplez.com, which focuses on LinQ To SQL, LinQ To XML, LinQ CRUD operations, LinQ Lambda expressions etc.

What Is LINQ?

Full meaning of LinQ is ‘Language Integrated Query’. Basically, LinQ provides a whole new way to manipulate data, either to/from database, or with XML file or with simple list of dynamic data. We will explore each of these variations thought the tutorials listed below. So, are you ready for this?

LinQ Architecture In .NET:

In the image below you will see the architectural overview, how LinQ is bound with .NET framework.
Linq Architecture .NET

From the image above, we are going to cover the C# programming language only. Also, my LinQ tutorials list doesn’t include ‘LinQ to data-set’ or ‘LinQ to entities’ yet. But I will try to include them in future if possible. If you badly in need of any of them, feel free to let me know.

Lets Explore The LinQ Tutorials:

  1. LinQ To SQL Tutorial Basics:
    As a completely beginner, I will strongly recommend you to start with this tutorial. This will give you step by step description about how to start using LinQ To SQL implementation with microsoft sql server database and perform basic data retrieval(SELECT) operation etc.
  2. LinQ Lambda Expression Tutorial:
    Before moving in deep, I recommend to have some basics on lambda expression, if you don’t have yet. This will definitely help you in the way of your long journey of LinQ. Get the details explanations with c# code examples for understanding.
  3. LinQ Database Update Operations Tutorial:
    This tutorial focus on the operations which effects/make changes to database tables like add,edit,delete,update etc. ORM style and integrated query – both are being used here in a mixed manner. You will get taste for both of them.
  4. LinQ Like Operator Reference:
    This tutorial will focus to get you familiar with the sql ‘like’ type operation to get you started building a mini search engine for your application 😉 . Never miss it!
  5. LinQ Join Operation Tutorial:
    Well, for database based applications, join operations are very common needs. This tutorial will show you how LinQ ORM makes our life easy by establishing the relationship between tables/objects and avoid writing join query for most basic needs. It will also explain with example how to write the complex join operations in language integrated manner.
  6. LinQ To XML Tutorial:
    So far, with all above listed tutorials, you will learn what we know as ‘linq to sql’. This tutorial focuses on the linq operations on XML data, that means a dedicated post for LinQ to XML explanation. You will be able to easily read/traverse and ad/edit/delete/update data from XML file with help of LinQ. Because this is one of the most powerful feature for linq in getting most result with least code.This will give you idea to get LinQ work with simple ArrayList dynamic data as well.

A Bonus LinQ Tutorial:

Well, there is a bonus linq tutorial for you here. As you have learned the basic linq operations, it is time to go live. This will be specially helpful to web application developers, I guess. Learn how to get started with LinQ in a Asp.net MVC 3/C# based application.

Final Words:

I hope this series of LinQ tutorials will help you in some extent. For some in depth LinQ code samples, You can also explore the LinQ examples from microsoft. However, I may have missed some areas(like as mentioned above), on which topics you will may wish for some tutorial(s) or want to contribute something. Feel free to contact me . I will very much appreciate if you provide some suggestions/comments/feedback which may help me to improve these tutorials in near future. Happy coding :)