PHP CodeIgniter Tutorials For Developers

 PHP CodeIgniter Tutorials For Developers  

I am happy to present you with a sequential list of PHP Codeigniter tutorials I have written over time. I am strongly hopeful that, these tutorials will help you to learn and develop robust, scalable web application using Codeigniter framework. These are listed in an organized way so that you can have a complete guideline for learning. So, what are you waiting for? Sit tight and let’s get started.

What Is Codeigniter And Why Use It?

MVC Architecture use by Codeigniter Framework
Codeigniter is one of the most popular development framework those are built on PHP platform. This framework is one of the best products ellislab. I became familiar with it from the beginning of my professional career. Till now, this is the best framework(at least to me) and I count on the following major reasons to love it:

  • It follows MVC design pattern: Current days, Model View Controller(MVC) is the most popular design pattern in  software development.
  • Performance matters: It obtains better scores than other php based application frameworks like Cakephp, Zend etc in terms of loading speed / performance.
  • Easy integration support: It gives a very easy way to integrate third-party tools as library/plugins.
  • Easy Documentation: Their documentation are simply mind-blowing, actually best to me among all other documentation I have experienced till now.

Hope I did able to make your intention stronger to learn it. Now its time to see what I have for you.

Exploring The CodeIgniter Tutorials:

I have listed the tutorials in a way, so that you can follow them sequentially to read/exercise and making yourself familiar easily by time. Basically, they are basic level to advance level. Whenever a new tutorial is added on this site, I will add in the proper place of the following list. So, here are they:

Beginners Guide To CodeIgniter FrameWork:

This tutorial guides through the way to download/install and set up basic controller/view to have a hello-world application development taste. Follow this, if you haven’t used codeigniter yet and interested to start from level zero.

CodeIgniter URL Routing Tutorial:

Well, codeigniter do have a very efficient url structure. But still, sometimes it may not match to your application need in some cases. So, its good to learn how can you use your as needed url structure and route their requests to your proper controller functions. And, its pretty easy and efficient way than messing around with htaccess rules.

Working With Forms Library And Helpers:

This codeigniter tutorial will help your learn the form validation library usage and using form helper to render view with simple PHP functions. Read it now to save your time with these integrated support to work with HTML forms and process submitted data.

Start Using Active Record Class Overview:

So, you have the basic knowledge with controllers and views. Looking for digging into some database staffs? Well, easiest to get started with active record, which provides a very easy and efficient abstraction of database layer and help you avoid unnecessary SQL query for all regular operations. Of course you can execute raw query as well.

Using The Integrated File Upload Library:

In this tutorial, you will learn how to deal with file upload functionality efficiently with codeigniter’s integrated support. It will help you save a descent amount of development time as well.

CodeIgniter Image Manipulation Tutorial:

Some application requires to modify image(s) dynamically with PHP. This tutorial will help you face such situation confidently and implement the basic crop, resize, rotate and watermark actions very quickly with codeingiter’s integrated library support.

Codeigniter Pagination Tutorial:

This codeigniter tutorial will help you understanding and implementing the pagination functionality in your codeigniter application and customize it as per your requirement(tutorials show to integrate the bootstrap styles). It also includes a codeigniter live pagination demo example as well so that you can experience the result.

CodeIgniter Best Practices:

So, as you are doing fine with the basic development in codeigniter framework, you should checkout few best practices as well, so that you can be an organized codeigniter developer from the beginning.

Using Smarty Template Engine With CodeIgniter:

Well, as you learned some best practices, its time to implement them. You can start by adding the smarty template engine on your codeigniter application. It greatly helps your development team’s front end html/css coder from dealing with PHP tags etc.

Use Doctrine ORM With CodeIgniter:

So, you love ORM and as codeigniter doesn’t have any of its own, you are interested to use doctrine with it. Sure, why not? Go ahead and learn to bind together the two most popular php open source project into a single invincible instance.

Working With CodeIgniter Caching:

So, as you started building robust scalable application already, its time to enhance your application to cope with high traffic and serve better performance. Yes, we are talking about caching, go ahead, learn and implement it.

Using Composer With CodeIgniter:

Well, as a PHP developer, you always wants to stay updated with technology growth and take the most out of it. Well, it may be time to get composer support in your codeigniter application then. Though official version of codeigniter doesn’t support it yet, you can do some simple tweak in your application to get the most of it. Check it out!

Few Bonus CodeIgniter Articles:

You can also have a look into the following codeigniter tutorials, which will help you strengthen your existing skills on this framework:

  1. CodeIgniter 2 Features: If you used to be a codeigniter 1.x.x version user, and interested to migrate to 2.x.x version, then this article will may help you get a basic insight about the new features/changes that you will need to be aware of.
  2. Doctrine Model Plugin For CodeIgniter:
    If you are using Doctrine ORM in your codeigniter application, this simple plugin will help you reduce writing CRUD functionality.
  3. CodeIgniter Bundle Project:
    Here is an open source project just for you where you will find several other libraries integrated into a single bundle, with which you can have a kick ass start for your next codeigniter project.

Your Contribution/Feedback:

I hope the above codeigniter tutorials will help you get a solid start in web application development. I will appreciate your opinion/suggestion on these tutorials so that, I can improve them in future. Please use the contact me page for your opinion. Also, I am open if you wish to write and share your own codeigniter tutorials which may not be listed here at this moment. Just give me some brief via write on this site and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Keep in touch. Happy coding :)